A Brief History of Play Station One Console

When it comes to talking about gaming consoles, for me SONY has priority. Their first console, Play station 1 was sold in over 100 million units. Never before a console achieved this milestone.

Sony + Nintento = Sony Vs. Nintendo

If we talk about the first Play Station console we also have to talk about Nintendo. Although the console was released in 1994, the Nintendo-Sony relation began as far back as 1988. Sony had an interest in joining the gaming industry six years before they actually entered the console war.

sony cd nintendo prototype

The plan was to team up with Nintendo to develop the ‘Super Disc’ console. Today we reached a time where such console would have been like a dream come true. The ‘Super Disc’ console was never released as Nintendo decided to team up with Phillips instead. That seems it didn’t go well after all.

The harsh competition began when Nintendo publicly announced they will team up with Philips right the next day after Sony announced their plans with the ‘Super Disc‘ console they were going to create with Nintendo. The event was hold at the Consumer Electronics Show in June 1991 where the future console was shown how it will look like. However, 200 consoles were created by SONY before they part out with Nintendo. This would be like the Play Station 1 console we all know (playing audio and video CD’s), but it could play Nintendo games as well.

Creating the Ultimate Console

Sony’s engineer, Ken Kutaragi, developed the Play Station in 3D polygon graphics format. Before it became SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment), the console project was shifted to Sony Music. One of the main reasons the new console attracted the big names in video games industry of that time such as Namco an EA was the cheaper price of CD’s in comparison to those of cartridges.

Release of the Play Station

After a few years and lots of ups and downs the first Play Station console was eventually released on 3rd of December 1994. The struggles and set offs that almost made the console not possible turned out to be in SONY’s favour. The CD-ROM based gaming console became the most sold console games ever selling in over 30000 units in Japan within a month from the release.

US had to wait for 6 months before they got introduced to the new boy in town. It was launched almost a year later and within a year they sold over 2 million units in USA and over 7 million world-wide. The 100 million milestone had to wait for a few good years. At the end of 2003 it was announced that Sony reached the milestone that never before any gaming company managed to accomplish.

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