My ALL-Time NES Favourite Games

These are my favourite NES games. There is no specific order because that would be impossible to make a top NES games chart. There are so many games and I may also play them for different purposes as well in different situations such as single player or multiplayer games.

A World of Colour

My first gaming console and my favourite one is NES. NES is the console that introduced me to the colourful world of video games. There are so many games that I can talk about, I do not even know where to start or where to end. I will pick the games that I either played the most or games that will give a hint on what other type of games I was leaning towards at that time. I haven’t got the chance to play games such as Zelda, Final Fantasy. I played however what seemed to me at that time a game too big and too complex to fit into a NES Cartridge. Flying Warriors was one of those games that I didn’t know what to think of at the beginning. It was like one of those weird games such as Athena. At least it was weird for me. Athena was like a reference point when talking about worst NES games. There wasn’t ever a game worse than Athena.

Flying Warriors

nes flying warriorsI don’t remember to well, but I think Flying Warriors was like one of those games that had levelling systems. I didn’t know the name around that time but I think it is an RPG action game. Everything looked so different from anything I have ever tried before. I was addicted to this game. It was the first time I was introduced with this kind of levelling up system where you can infinitely play the game without finishing it once and for all. So yeah, Flying Warriors must be one of my top played games on NES. It changed my view on the gaming world. Before this game I was only interested in games where you have to kill everybody and finish the game as fast as possible.

So yeah. For this reason, I consider Flying Warriors one of my top NES games. Let’s move to the next one.

Crazy Kids With Crazy Games

This time I pick a game that I played for tens or maybe even hundreds of hours with friends. Even today when I play it manages to sketch a giggle on my pretty face. Goal 3 as it was written on my cartridge case is one of the games that may be easily named as the game of my whole NES experience. Originally titled Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League, it was the most fun game that I ever played. When I was comparing it to other soccer games, they seem to be like two games from completely different consoles.

kunio nuk no nekketsu league soccer nesKunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League was like a PS1 game for me when compared to other NES soccer games. Everything was perfect about this game. As stupid as it looks, it was for me a perfect game. It was speaking to our souls. The game had the kind of visual jokes that matched our way of doing and saying jokes. It was above the rules and against everybody else. It was more than a game. It looked as if it was made for us. Most of Kunio Kun games were like this. The other one that we played a lot was Nekketsu Hot Blood Sports. The other one I liked was Riki Kunio. I also played the basketball version and the River City Ransom one. But Goal 3, the soccer version was the one that we played the most.

So yeah. Goal 3 or Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League makes to this list because it was the game that got together me and my friends so
many times.

Action + Music = Unforgotten Experiences

gun nac 3 nes

The next game is a single player game and although it is a weird, abstract game in some regards, it is maybe one of the best shoot’em’up games I have ever played. Gun Nac 3 is a game that I could easily play even today after 20 years and still be engaged with it and entertained. I can’t talk enough about the music. Maybe the music is what make this game look so good for me. I don’t know. Even today sometimes a song from the game pops into my head. Can you guess the song of what area is the one that I liked the most and which pops out into my head?

Another similar game is Super Spy Hunter. So much action in this game as well. And no just action. Fast Speed Action! It was like I was on a trip playing this game. Even today I can easily play it and still get the thrills. Again, great music in this game too. I definitely remember the song from the stage where you jump and fly for long distances and as a bonus you also get to destroy helicopters. A car that shoots down helicopters in long super unrealistic high jumps over a badass soundtrack. Those were the days!

Other honourable mentions of the games that I liked a lot are: Mario, Adventure Island, Street Fighter 2010, Contra Series, Mega Man, Duck Tales.

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Hearthstone Gold Hack for Free Gold

One of the great games that this generation of gamers must be proud of is Hearthstone. The whole genre of card games is one genre which makes this generation a little more fun. Hearthstone is maybe the most popular game within this genre. However, there are some aspects about the game that will make it even more fun. Having this hearthstone gold hack will make the game even more enjoyable and playable. This hearthstone hack will help you attain hearthstone free gold within minutes.


Hearthstone – WoW With Cards

World of Warcraft is one of the most predominant games ever. In many regards, Hearthstone is a WoW remake in a card genre game environment. However, even though you are not a fan of WoW, you will still get lots of fun playing Hearthstone. It has its own style and speaks for itself. Hearthstone is pretty much the definition of a fun game. Regardless of your age, the game will be able to entertain you in unique ways. You do not even have to be a gamer whatsoever. Although a video game, Hearthstone does not need an everyday gamer to be grasped and successfully played. It is a well-structured game, easy to follow and rather simplistic. In no time, anyone can understand the basics.

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Hearthstone & Gold

However, there is one aspect that not everyone will be entertained with. Every online multiplayer game must have a way to support the costs of running the game. Hearthstone has gold as their currency. Gold can either be earned through matches or you can buy it using real money. The amount of gold you can earn in a simple battle is 30 gold. You need minimum of 150 gold to do the most basic thing within the world of Hearthstone. Entering ‘The Arena’ will enable you to play matches using different set of cards compared to the ones you own. To do this you need the 150 gold. You also need to win a match in Solo Play to receive the 30 gold. This is well-organized most of the times. But it can become a tedious job really fast.

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A Smart Hearthstone Free Gold Hack

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Where and How

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Warframe Free Platinum Generator

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A Safe Free Platinum Solution

In the early days, warframe it was a rather mediocre video game. However, the developers manage to improve the game to a point where it became one of the most talked about online MMORPG action games. Along with its popularity the desire for free platinum increased as well. More and more players are looking for a way to get free platinum in warframe. The warframe free platinum generator was created to help players that cannot afford to buy platinum get their fair share of it. Within the world of video games, things are usually unfair. As a worldwide game, warframe provides the same in-game currency for everybody.

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A Brief History of Play Station One Console

When it comes to talking about gaming consoles, for me SONY has priority. Their first console, Play station 1 was sold in over 100 million units. Never before a console achieved this milestone.

Sony + Nintento = Sony Vs. Nintendo

If we talk about the first Play Station console we also have to talk about Nintendo. Although the console was released in 1994, the Nintendo-Sony relation began as far back as 1988. Sony had an interest in joining the gaming industry six years before they actually entered the console war.

sony cd nintendo prototype

The plan was to team up with Nintendo to develop the ‘Super Disc’ console. Today we reached a time where such console would have been like a dream come true. The ‘Super Disc’ console was never released as Nintendo decided to team up with Phillips instead. That seems it didn’t go well after all.

The harsh competition began when Nintendo publicly announced they will team up with Philips right the next day after Sony announced their plans with the ‘Super Disc‘ console they were going to create with Nintendo. The event was hold at the Consumer Electronics Show in June 1991 where the future console was shown how it will look like. However, 200 consoles were created by SONY before they part out with Nintendo. This would be like the Play Station 1 console we all know (playing audio and video CD’s), but it could play Nintendo games as well.

Creating the Ultimate Console

Sony’s engineer, Ken Kutaragi, developed the Play Station in 3D polygon graphics format. Before it became SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment), the console project was shifted to Sony Music. One of the main reasons the new console attracted the big names in video games industry of that time such as Namco an EA was the cheaper price of CD’s in comparison to those of cartridges.

Release of the Play Station

After a few years and lots of ups and downs the first Play Station console was eventually released on 3rd of December 1994. The struggles and set offs that almost made the console not possible turned out to be in SONY’s favour. The CD-ROM based gaming console became the most sold console games ever selling in over 30000 units in Japan within a month from the release.

US had to wait for 6 months before they got introduced to the new boy in town. It was launched almost a year later and within a year they sold over 2 million units in USA and over 7 million world-wide. The 100 million milestone had to wait for a few good years. At the end of 2003 it was announced that Sony reached the milestone that never before any gaming company managed to accomplish.

Original Source:

Robux Hack for Free Robux in Roblox

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Roblox – A Mark on a Generation

Roblox is a game which pretty much everyone has at least heard of it. It is more than a game. It can fairly be named as an impactful event upon an entire generation. Roblox managed to reach this performance by being a great game created by the gamers themselves. Roblox is more than a game. It is a platform that connects players from all around the world in a unique and entertaining environment that never fails to deliver diversity, originality and the feeling of homeness. Within a constant changing virtual world, roblox has managed to stay relevant from many years and hopefully it will be at least as much in the future.

Roblox Robux

Since the dawn of roblox, there have been many users searching for ways to get robux in roblox. The roblox developers have managed to overcome this issue by providing various ways of helping users obtain robux. There used to be two main currencies. Tix and robux. However, tix has been questionably removed under the statement that it players will be better off with one currency only. The truth is that no one knows why this decision has been really made. As a team of hackers our job is to provide the gamers what they need. In roblox, players need free robux. With free robux nobody will even care why was tix removed. Having free robux in Roblox is like a dream come true. We are happy to be the ones that finally release a working robux hack that anyone from any country can benefit from.

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The Robux Hack

It may not hard to make a gaming hack. For us it wasn’t hard to make a working roblox hack for robux. However, is a totally different story making a working and reliable robux hack. When it comes to games as popular as roblox, it is a big challenge to try and make a cheat for it. The hardest part however, is to make a safe free robux solution. Many hacking team have tried this, but undoubtedly failed. Many sites are still online providing so called roblox free robux solutions. The sad truth is that most of them are still struggling to deliver the free robux. And even more, some do not even work at all.

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Where to get Free Robux in Roblox

The way the program manages to deliver the free robux in a totally safe environment is more in detail explained here on the link. In order to make this robux hack work no specific skills are required. The process can be performed by anyone. It is as easy as registering to a website. Except you do not need provide and password or email. What you need is to provide your roblox account username, select the amount of free robux and activate the safety features to keep your account 100% safe.

How To Hack Growtopia Gems [Generator] *FREE*

Growtopia is one of a kind game with lots of fun stuff to do every day. You can build, farm and have fun with friends and strangers from all over the world. Everything is perfect in Growtopia up to a point. The game uses gems as the in-game currency. Gems can be used in multiple ways to help you build faster and better. Gems are sometimes expensive or boring to farm so it is a blessing to have a good growtopia generator that will help you get a few easy free gems. Some people need to use these kind of programs whilst others do not need them.

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Your account needs to be an old account if you want this growtopia generator work for you. Secondly, you will need to have an account with no recent gems purchase history. The growtopia generator will deetect your account ID purchase history. If you have been buying gems with real money in the past couple of weeks or so, the program may not work for you. This growtopia generator is created to help people who are in need of help. Do not bother trying again if it does not seem to work for you in the first two or three attempts.

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A Safe Growtopia Online Hack

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